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How to Increase Product Reviews on Amazon: A Guide for Amazon Sellers

Struggling to find traction and success on Amazon? You’re not alone. While the e-commerce giant is the world’s largest marketplace and allows merchants large and small to compete equally, the fact is that success does not come overnight. For too many small business owners, it does not come at all. The secret to mastering the market? Learning how to increase product reviews on Amazon.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Increase Amazon Product Reviews?

Before we touch on some of the tactics that might help you build success, let’s first address the issue of why you need to know how to increase reviews on Amazon in the first place. Why do they matter?

There are several important reasons that you need to master how to increase product reviews on Amazon. First, shoppers trust the Internet giant. The company bends over backward to make the shopping experience as positive as possible, and this has resulted in a burgeoning number of customer reviews that help guide and inform purchases.

Second, customers trust Amazon reviews. While it was possible to game the system in several ways in the past, Amazon is one of the few retailers to actively fight those cheats. It does this in many ways, including tightening restrictions on how reviews can be encouraged and even deleting reviews that don’t meet stringent quality and authenticity requirements.

Third, monitoring customer reviews of your products allow you to stay tuned into the conversation surrounding those products and your brand itself. What are customers saying about the product? The packaging? The purchase experience? The quality of your company?

Strategies on How to Increase Product Reviews on Amazon

As you can see from the discussion above, learning how to increase reviews on Amazon is pretty important, particularly if you want to run a successful, profitable online business. So, how do you do that? There are several effective strategies that can help.

Sales and Discounts: While it is no longer legal to ask customers to leave a positive review or to offer a discount or other incentive to customers in exchange for a review, the fact remains that running sales and offering limited-time discounts is a proven solution to the problem of how to increase product reviews on Amazon.

Set Your Stock Low: Human beings are wired to value scarcity. The fewer there are of a particular product type on the market, the more demand there is, and the higher the price rises. You can create the same sense of scarcity by controlling your inventory numbers as listed on Amazon’s pages.

Interact: Another way to encourage customers to leave a review is to interact with those who leave reviews in the first place. Reply, ask questions, thank them – whatever it takes, keep the conversation going and show that you’re engaged and that you value what your buyers think.

Automate: Finally, you can take advantage of an automated system that allows you to sort the good reviews from the bad, encourage reviews in the first place, learn more about why some customers are unhappy with their purchase, and even build a better marketing machine.

Our system falls into the automated category mentioned above. It’s a proven solution that allows you to solve the problem of how to increase product reviews on Amazon without getting into hot water with the e-commerce giant over illegal or unethical practices.

Not only that, but our system allows you to home in on reasons why a customer might leave you a negative review in the first place. That lets you improve product quality, or address other concerns, and establish a better, more positive reputation as an online seller. Finally, because our automated system relies on text messages rather than the Internet, you can build an offline marketing machine that delivers power, value, and traction without the need for Amazon’s framework in the first place.

Interested in learning more about how to increase product reviews on Amazon with our system? Get in touch with us by calling 760-203-5303 for a full consultation.