Building Online Success: How to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews

The Internet is the great leveler, allowing small retailers to compete with major players in the international economy. Today, it is quite possible for a one-person operation to find the same sort of profitability and success as a major manufacturer. This is particularly true when using the Amazon platform to reach consumers around the world. However, it’s not as simple as creating a seller page and listing a product. You need to know how to get genuine Amazon reviews if you’re ever going to see the success that you want and deserve. What should you know about the process of getting reviews on Amazon?

Why Customer Reviews Matter in the First Place

To truly understand why it is so vital that you learn how to get genuine Amazon reviews, it’s first necessary to establish why those reviews matter at all. When you go to a brick and mortar store, you don’t necessarily pull out your smartphone before buying an item on the shelf, do you? Why then is getting reviews on Amazon important?

It is precise because your customers cannot see, touch or hold the product that you are selling that reviews matter so much. With an in-person purchase, you have an immediate way of determining many things, including getting a rough idea of build quality, seeing how a product feels in your hand, and more. That’s impossible with online purchases.

There’s also the fact that more and more, customers demand reviews about the products they are considering. 90% of online buyers will only consider a purchase if there are reviews that support the product’s quality and value. 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations from people they know in real life.

Why Does Authenticity Matter?

Now we need to address another topic. Why do you need to learn how to get genuine Amazon reviews? Why do those reviews need to be from real people? Why does authenticity matter?

There are quite a few reasons here. One of those is that customer reviews represent social proof – your customers look at those as proof from other real people that your product is worth purchasing in the first place. There’s also the fact that fake reviews are completely unethical and immoral. It’s the same thing as lying to your customers, and that’s not something any self-respecting seller with quality merchandise should ever have to do.

There’s also the fact that getting reviews on Amazon from real people builds your reputation and broadens your reach. It tells potential customers that other real people trust you, and makes it more likely that they will choose to do so, as well.

Amazon’s Rules for Customer Reviews

One of the more important considerations in how to get genuine reviews on Amazon is that you need to adhere to the company’s policies as they apply to reviews and the process by which those reviews are obtained.

In the past, it was completely legal to ask customers to leave a positive review if they were happy with their purchase. Today, that’s not the case. In the past, it was completely legal to incentive responses in the process of getting reviews on Amazon. Today, that’s not legal.

This leaves many Amazon sellers in the lurch. How are you supposed to start getting reviews on Amazon if you’re not able to ask for a review, or incentivize someone to leave a review? Here’s the thing – you are allowed to ask for a review. You simply cannot ask for a positive review.

How to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews: A Proven System

Here’s the issue with getting reviews on Amazon by asking for them: You never know what you’re going to get. A single negative review can topple your product’s overall rating, and lead to more people going to competitors. You need a proven system that allows you to get around that.

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