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How To Get Amazon Reviews

As you know, Amazon reviews are crucial to get top rankings and sales for your Amazon store and products. Without great reviews, you will not beat your competition.

Amazon Reviews – Terms of Service

On October 3rd, 2016 Amazon announced that you can no longer incentivize people to leave you a review for your products. This put a lot of Amazon sellers out of business and we know a few of them. But this also made a huge advantage for sellers who embraced the changes and looked at this as an opportunity to work harder and to find a more strategic and creative way to get real reviews and more sales.

Here’s exactly what Amazon says on their “prohibited seller activities” webpage that you cannot do to get reviews.

1 – You may not provide compensation including free or discounted products for a review.
2 – You cannot ask for positive reviews when soliciting a review.
3 – You cannot ask buyers to modify or remove their reviews.

You can ask your buyers for a review.


Why You Need GREAT Reviews

Good Reviews Are the Secret to Your Future Success

Good Reviews Are the Secret to Your Future Success
90% of America’s consumers read online reviews, but only 6% take the time to write them.

Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions

Reviews Influence Purchasing Decisions
4 out of 5 consumers say they have changed their decision to buy something because they read a BAD online review.

Consumers Trust Reviews

Consumers Trust Reviews
A whopping 72% of consumers claim they trust online reviews every bit as much as recommendations from friends and family!

Our system will increase your Amazon reviews, which increases your sales, which increases your conversion rate, which increases your rankings on Amazon.

We Tried Everything

Before amazon changed their review policy it was easy to get reviews and we sure got a ton of them using giveaways, large discounts, review groups, review memberships etc. But once they changed their rules, the reviews dried up big time.

We joined “Safe and Private” Facebook review groups but they are not safe at all. They can get your store closed down for good.

We tried asking friends and family if they wanted our product at a huge discount and if they would like to leave a review after receiving the product, that would be great but we can’t “ask” you for the review. Then we would fulfill those orders as a merchant instead of using FBA to give them the discount. Most did not follow through with the purchase let alone the review. Huge pain!

Then we tried this same method by sending the “huge 24 hour sale” offer to the top Amazon reviewers. This didn’t work well either.

We tried sending an email to our buyers about a week after they purchased the product but the response rate was very lot. Then we sent another email a week later but that didn’t work well either. People are busy. We still use this method – but we don’t expect a great return.

The Solution – The Amazon Review Formula!

After months of trying to figure out how to get our customers to leave us reviews after Amazons review update, we came up with an amazing Amazon review process that follows Amazons terms of service and gets your buyers to give you positive reviews.

Here’s How it Works:

Step 1 – Register Your Purchase

Include a flyer that asks buyers to “Register Your Purchase” to “Extend Your Warranty” or “Money Back Guarantee” in addition to receiving future discounts and product launch specials. The flyer will include a keyword to be texted to an assigned number. (We supply the printable flyer graphic for you to have printed.)

Amazon Reviews Flyer

Step 2 – Ask For Feedback

After they text the keyword to the phone number, they receive a text with a thank you message asking them if they liked your product and to rate it on a scale from 1 to 5. (A short video explains the process.)

Thank you for Registering

Step 3 – Good Feedback

If they rate your product a 4 or 5, they are taken to a page that thanks them and asks them if they would take a moment to leave the review on Amazon. There is a link to the review page for the product they purchased. (A short video explains the process.)

Amazon Review

Step 4 – Bad Feedback

If they rate your product a 1, 2 or 3 star, they are taken to a form where they can tell you why they are unhappy and that form is emailed to you so you can try and make them happy and improve your product too. They are not asked to leave a review on Amazon. (A short video explains the process.)

Thank You For Your Feed Back

This is all automated!

As a bonus, you are building a text list of your buyers that you can text specials or new product offers to every month.

This new, automated review getting process works so well that we decided to offer our Amazon Review Formula to other Amazon Sellers. One seller using our system received over 200 great reviews in 30 days.

You must have a great product, good conversion rates and a good amount of sales volume to get the most out of our system. Our system only works in the USA.

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